Web Hosting Frauds

Today, hosting a website is easier than ever, thanks to the explosion of web hosting providers. While most web hosting providers offer the best services, others are set up to defraud unsuspecting customers. These frauds range from domain name registration traps, unfulfilled web hosting services to credit card scams. That’s why you have to be extra-vigilant when choosing a web hosting provider. Here are the common scams in the web hosting world that you should know:

Fake web hosting reviews

Some web hosting providers sponsor or buy reviews and post them on review sites throughout the internet. They pay review sites to ensure their reliable come out on top. These sites will promote a web host with great content sourced from freelancers across the world. The fake reviews contain excellent web hosting features and insanely low-priced web hosting plans. You can get ahead of this problem by treating each hosting provider with a sense of doubt. Or only choose to host your website with a renowned web hosting company despite the fact that they are not cheap.

Some web hosting providers use bait and switch technique to defraud customers

This technique involves the web hosting provider promising an insanely low price for a bundled package, only to realize later that some basic add-ons like DNS management, Whois privacy protection, Security and much more are charged separately. Get ahead of this problem by asking, upfront, the specifics add-ons they charge and those they offer for free. If they are not forthcoming about these details, then don’t host your website with them.

Some web hosting providers use domain name trapping to defraud customers

This is where you buy a domain name from a web host, but if you want to transfer your domain, they impose a heavy penalty. They claim that since you registered the domain with them, they technically own it and you must pay a certain amount for them to transfer the ownership to you. To get around this issue, ensure that you register the domain name with your name and personal details.

Unauthorized charges and credit card scams

Unauthorized charges are becoming a problem with even established web hosting companies. The hosting company will tell you that you checked on a certain paid feature, which you surely didn’t. The worst thing is they tell you that you can’t unsubscribe from the service, or if they allow, you have to pay a fee to unsubscribe. To get ahead of this fraud, use American express if you have.  You can also call your credit card company to cancel the current and future payments immediately.


Credit card scams are not common these days due to the stringent security measures implemented by both credit card companies and web hosting companies. However, you should take precautions on your side by not entering your credit card details on unsecured websites.