Top 3 Untrue Facts About Domain Names

In this century, the internet is becoming part and puzzle of human life. People are using it to access information, shopping for items, socializing and running businesses. As technology advances, the need to creating an online presence is turning into a necessity. The demand for having a personal or business website is on a high edge in this decade.

Buying a domain name is the initial step in gaining online presence. However, the process does not involve just taking a name to a domain registrar and paying the required fee.

When you set on your journey to developing your website from scratch, there are several myths you will encounter. If you do not have relevant information, you may end up with disappointment. Here are some of the untrue facts about domain names:





a. Good domain names no longer exist

The first gospel that will discourage you in your attempt to seek advice on domain name registration is that all authority domains no longer exist. These prophets of doom will advise you to purchase a domain name if you want to succeed and gain a significant following online.

But how true is this?

Despite the fact that more than 300 million domains have been registered, you can still find a domain name that will move the masses. Remember, before registration of Facebook and Twitter, this slogan was always in operation.

What if the owners stepped back and subscribed to this fear? Even more recently, think of Whatsapp web option. These examples among others are proofs that proper domain names still exist. Hence, regardless of this gospel, you should not step back on your journey to registering a domain name as long as you are confident it will have a positive impact on your business.

b. If you want to rank higher in Google, go for .com domains

Another myth you will face when setting your foot to domain ownership is: .com domain names rank better than others. What these people do not tell you is that ranking on the search engines depends on many factors and not your domain extension.

Use of relevant keywords, backlinks, on-page optimization, and quality content are some of the elements with a crucial role in achieving better search engine ranks. So, having a .com extension without following the SEO optimization rule does not give you a benefit over other domain extensions. Nevertheless, if you are seeking to reach the global audience, .com domains are the best option.




c. Social media is replacing websites

While it is true social media is now an essential marketing tool, it is not true they will replace the sites. Probably, people fearing your entry in the virtual market will discourage you from informing them about your domain registration objective. For this reason, they will tell you to concentrate on social media pages than having a website.

Even though, virtual market is going social, having a website offers you an opportunity to display your products and gain customer trust. When customers view your social page, the next thing they will think of is your web address. If you do not have one, their conclusion is either your business are a scam or not serious about what you do.

Final verdict

As seen, when you kick off your domain registration journey, you will encounter several myths. Some web consultants will advise you to buy a domain other than registering one as all good domains already have owners.

Also, you get warnings cautioning you against domains if you want to rank better in the search engines. Accordingly, refraining from spending money in setting up a website and concentration on social pages will be a common theme. Nevertheless, all these are untrue facts to hinder you from becoming a domain owner.